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Fortress war

Patch Notes 1.025

Patch Notes 1.025
-Added New Uniques all over the map (Undine - Salamander - Sylph - Gnome - Khulood - Venefica - Venefica Demon - Launatune - Harrison)
-Minor fixes

Uniques Spawn Points

Patch Notes 1.024

Patch Notes 1.024
-Self-heal series skill tree shares the cooldown
-Force cure series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 10 seconds cooldown
-Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.
-Increased passive magical damage increase buff for Warlock 17%
-Integrity and Innocents skills now share the same cooldown
-CH Pain quota now (Requires STR)

Patch Notes 1.023

Patch Notes 1.023
-increased max stack for elixirs to 1K
-Fixed some visual bugs
-Adjusted job profession level
-Lowered SOS drop rate it was too high
-Centered and increased spawn radius of mobs for party/solo wave dungeon
-Fixed invisible Portals at Jangan Cave and Donwhang Cave (inside and outside)

Patch Notes 1.022

Patch Notes 1.022
-Enabled Dye for model switchers ( Now when you use model switcher on a weapon/Shield that has Dye Applied, the new model will have the same Dye)

Patch Notes 1.021

Patch Notes 1.021
-Buffed Fire Shield - Emperor Lv 1
-increased imbue duration to 12 sec instead of 8 sec
-Guard/Mana Tambour and Clout/Hit March are not usable in safe zones anymore
-Enable Lv 14 Bless Spell (original for D11 was Lv 15 and was reduced to Lv 13 but its too weak for this Degree)
-Reverse Oblation/Immolation (Reduced its time to 10 sec) and Reuse time increased to 120 sec
-increased stun probability from 10% to 15% for Soul Spear - Destruction
-Fixed misspelling of some avatars and in-game items
-Added Detailed description of the daily quests.
-Reduced walk distance of uniques