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Patch Notes 1.019 - 1.020

Patch Notes 1.019 - 1.020
-Added events
- Survival
- Madness
- Last Man Standing
-Increased Phy/Mag Rein of SOX Weapons to match the High Defenses of SOX Sets
-Decreased Daggers Dmg a bit
-Blessing of the Gods Buff, Removed Phy/Mag Absorption
-Upgraded Fire Shield - Emperor Lv 1 to match Holy Spell
-Mysic Prem, Lucky 10% to 15% and Alchemy Probability 10% to 15%
-Fixed Trading DC issues
-Added Model Switchers D11 SOX items to item mall (Dye for new weapons will be added next update)

Patch Notes 1.018

Patch Notes 1.018
-Fixed item Duplication Bug
-Decreased Defences and attack power of Arabian / Jupiter Mobs
-Decreased Attack of Uniques of Togui Village
-Decreased Drop Rate of D11 Lucky / Steady Stones
-Added missing Drops for Flame Cow King Uniques
-Decreased Mobs Spawn Rate at Baghdad ( Scout Outpost )
-Increased Success Prob of Devil S at Magic Pop
-Removed Ress Scrolls of Magic pop failed cards

The Development Continues

as we promised to our players, The Development of Destined Continues to fix all the urgent bugs. and provide smooth gameplay for everyone.
all the game patches will be posted on discord and here on the news feed.
if you have a suggestion, you can post it in discord.
thank you for your patience and loyalty.

Just a little setback

Unfortunately, we have faced some game-breaking bugs, that forced us to temporarily shut down the server to fix those bugs.
were going to shut it down and will work on some improvements during that time. Destined will improve to be better and greater by all means necessary. As part of our first project, we worked extremely hard to get where we are at. There is always room for improvement and we will utilize this time to ensure our next project will be a bug-free server. Thank you guys for your time, commitment, dedication, and loyalty. We’ll be back!

sooner than excepted